WTS 500

  • 1-2 Wellsite Trailers
  • For Remote, Low Occupancy Sites
  • Security Check-in and Safety Shacks

WTS 1500

  • 4-5 Wellsite Trailers
  • Crew delivers unit, no 3rd party trucking
  • Ideal for locations on the move

WTS Combination Unit

  • 8 Wellsite Trailers
  • Power and Wastewater treament

WTS 3000

  • 8 Wellsite Trailers
  • 20' 1SO Container

WTS 5000

  • 6 Pod Drill Camp
  • 20' 1SO Container

WTS 10000

  • Base Camp
  • Drill camp with wet sleepers
  • 40' 1SO Container

WTS 25000

The external membrane bioreactor process is an advanced wastewater treatment technology that combines a suspended growth activated sludge system with microfiltration or ultrafiltration membranes for liquid/solid separation, eliminating the need for secondary clarifiers. External membranes are unique and are located outside the bioreactor making access and maintenance much simpler than traditional submerged membranes, all while delivering a very high effluent quality.

  • Camps of 100+ Occupants